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Welcome to Mangobean Coffee!

The home of the UK’s most affordable coffee shop franchise

IMG_2812  The Head Honcho

Welcome from the Head Honcho

I’ve always wanted to franchise Mangobean and the vision has always been for it to be affordable, fun and profitable.

I love the coffee market and have been setting up cafes for clients for 10 years now. I have seen the market change in a good way, my brand has always been more about enjoyment of the drink but more importantly enjoyment of the moment.

Our brand is light hearted and fun, it’s not all about the way the  bean is roasted or whether it’s grown on the west or east side of the valley, for me it’s about the whole experience, nice surroundings, great products and a big smile. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Shane Saunders, Head Honcho at Mangobean Coffee

Why Mangobean?

After 10 years marketing our own branded products and services, we’ve seen how the coffee bar market has developed. We’ve seen major chains expand across the UK but it’s all a bit ‘samey’ so we wanted to do something different – The Mangobean Coffee Shop Franchise.

Our franchise package will take on the chains to become the next big coffee shop brand on the high street.

As a franchisee, you’ll be roasting coffee on site, developing new and exciting blends for your customers! With a range of other drinks and sundries, including funky frappes and delicious smoothies you’ll be running a profitable business with a big dose of fun thrown in for good measure!

Fancy getting to know our Head Honcho, Shane

and the rest of the Team Bean? Click below to see our handsome faces! 

  • Dedicated Account Management

    We support you every step of the way from initial enquiry to handing over the keys to your shiny new coffee shop. Our word to you is that we will supply everything you need at market-leading prices – we won’t rip you off.

  • Finance Support - up to 75% of shop fit & equipment

    We can help you secure funding for coffee shop – equipment, shop fitting and supplies! Basically everything you need to get your business going, we’ve got you covered!

  • Professional Barista & Managerial Training

    Our training packages are awesome (ok, so we’re a little biased)! Whether it’s becoming a master barista or finding out how to effectively run a coffee shop business, we offer a series of half day and full day training programmes to suit your needs.

  • Social media & marketing support

    Harnessing the power of social media is something we do on a daily basis. We can support your franchise with a range of social media campaigns to boost customer footfall and to broadcast your messages to your target audience!

Mangobean Birmingham

Mangobean Stafford

Mangobean Aldershot

Mangobean Horsham

Did we mention we’re the UK’s Most Affordable Coffee Shop Franchise?! 

Unique selling points such as roasting your coffee on-site! – your customers will be able to smell your amazing coffee blends from a mile off!

State of the art accounting and inventory management – makes your franchise business operate at a optimum level, minimising waste and keeping you right with the tax man!

 We can offer up to 85% finance for coffee shop equipment and shop fit – this affordable solution reduces the capital you need to start your business!

 Download the Mangobean Franchise Application Form TODAY!!