The Mangobean Coffee Shop Franchise

Mangobean Coffee are delighted to offer the UK’s most affordable coffee shop franchise.

One of the (many!) awesome things about our Mangobean Coffee Shop Franchise is that we have approached our franchise model from a completely different perspective! We have built the franchise to be as accessible as possible with a focus on the franchisee (rather than the franchisor!)

We believe it does not matter who you are or what you do for a living (except traffic wardens – only joking!) we all want to be happy and enjoy ourselves with friends and in business. Everyone goes to coffee shops and that culture is something that is a key feature of the Mangobean Coffee Shop! Whether you have a drink in one or run one, our motto is simple – Enjoy – Laugh – Drink (…Coffee)

How did we get here?

We are proud to say we have been selling our own branded products and equipment to coffee shops across the country for over 10 years now! During this time we have become nominated suppliers for other coffee shop franchises, forming relationships with independent businesses and franchise operators – we have listened intently and seen how other franchise operators have grown their business.

We have witnessed how difficult it is for a single operator to build a business from scratch. There are multiple challenges to consider including how to manage cash flow, marketing your brand & products, developing and managing your staff, monitoring stock levels to make sure you can meet customer demand, dealing with the tax man and striking up positive relationships with wholesalers.

We have also witnessed how franchisees have become frustrated, working alongside other franchise coffee stores who charge extortionate monthly fees with inadequate business support – there’s a better way!

Working in the coffee shop game should be fun, rewarding and full of variety (not forgetting to mention involve serving really good coffee to the masses!). People want flexibility so they have the freedom to take days off without worry. No-one wants to work every hour of the day – it’s a lifestyle business and very rewarding. This is where the Mangobean Coffee Shop Franchise comes in!

So, why is Mangobean completely different?

We’re something completely different from any other type of coffee shop franchise in the UK. We’re looking to develop a partnership with our franchisees – you become a partner in our business! As our business grows, and a national network of shops develops, we will build upon our already extensive buying power and product knowledge to support you in building your own business.

We work with you every step of the way with a dedicated team of coffee shop experts who love the market with an absolute passion!  We develop and brand our own products and we have been doing this for a considerable amount of time! We don’t rely on anyone apart from ourselves – that’s how we make awesome things happen!

Our shops will represent exactly what the market needs, stylish looking establishment with quirky branding, offering freshly roasted coffee from mild to strong blends at very reasonable prices, in addition to awesome hot food, delicious sandwiches, salads, freshly baked pastries, waffles, cakes, snacks, frappes and smoothies!

As a franchisee, you buy all of our products from our central HQ in Newcastle, which we distribute nationally. We adopt this approach in order to eliminate the need for large overheads (which means you get a lot better price on your products!)

Our buying power over the years has grown significantly and we are excited to pass these discounts on to you – we’re in this together and if we get discounts, rest assured it means you get discounts too!

Another aspect of the franchise we’re excited about is that you will have a huge USP in that you will be roasting your own coffee on site! You’ll be able to offer different types of blends to your customers – this isn’t offered by the big high street chains!

Sounding good? – we also employ state of the art technology and software to support you with managing your finances & returns in addition to keeping your stock levels at the right level! Our in-house marketing department (they’re a right handsome bunch!) will support you in designing and marketing weekly and seasonal offerings so your clients never get bored of the same offering! We actively use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to connect to your clients on a daily basis.

The theme running throughout everything we do is offering the best possible product on the market, value for money for franchise partners plus a big dollop of fun thrown in for good measure! Most coffee shops are quite dull these days and you struggle to tell the difference between them. We want more of an interaction with our clients – fun, cheeky and great quality! Who needs a loyalty card when you can use a Bribery Card!

We aim to lead the market not follow it, with our strong brand appeal, dynamic customer service, excellent product development and a fun marketing strategy – why not join us today?

Our coffee shop franchise

  • Our coffee shops will be situated in excellent locations offering consumers a more relaxed and enjoyable experience with more seating – time to chill!
  • A great place to meet friends, family & colleagues in a fun, relaxed environment
  • Baguettes and bagels being freshly prepared on site
  • You will see Mangobean Coffee Shops on busy high streets, town centres, shopping malls, airports in addition to units within the education and health sectors.
  • Targeting office workers, shoppers, tourists

Mangobean Coffee Shops – the story so far!

We’ve been on a fantastic journey over the past 18 months with our stores and we have enjoyed every minute of it!

On our way to becoming the 4th largest coffee shop in the UK

As we have progressed, we have formed great partnerships with manufacturers and distribution companies and through the development of these partnerships, we are able to maximise profits, and keep costs down for, our joint venture partners (JVPs). Our mission is to generate leads and sales for all of our stores. We’re ambitious and the only way we can become the 4th largest coffee shop in the UK is to work together.

Our vision for the future of Mangobean…

For new franchise partners, we are introducing the opportunity to have coffee bean roasters in-store (a fantastic and unique selling point, supplied by our dedicated equipment supplier), own branded disposables, market leading equipment, new counter tops and till systems, an awesome new hot food menu and an annual marketing calendar to support growth.

We believe that franchise partners joining Mangobean in 2017 will benefit significantly from prime locations, our new layout, amazing range of products and a dedicated franchise manager to support the store from concept to getting the keys in their hands.

We have invested in the Mangobean App to drive loyalty, building on the success of our Bribery Card!

Limited offer – save up to £6,000 on our franchise fee with one 10 year license for only £9,000 (+VAT)! – fee rising to £15,000 (+VAT) this year.  

We are very proud to be asking for a highly competitive monthly royalty fee. We ask for a 5% contribution towards marketing activity per month (plus 3% for development agents) – compared to our competitors who demand up to 14%. We don’t demand high monthly franchise fees. We want to work with you in building your business in partnership with our brand! Our £9,000 (+VAT) franchise fee offer is for a limited time only, with the fee rising to £15,000 (+VAT) in the near future.

Want to find out more? Register your details with us and a member of the team will be in touch with you shortly.